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Hygiene Products “For Men”

Guest post by Mark Nickel I don’t like hygiene products that are labeled “For Men”. First of all, normally these products are directly next to other products that are already established and well known for men. Also, it’s always lady … Continue reading

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People who jaywalk with their hands in their pockets without even looking at the oncoming traffic

Guest post by Mark Nickel I get it. There isn’t any traffic coming for a little while, but you’re not gingerly strolling through the park. You’re on a road, so please show the slightest sense of urgency. The pedestrian has … Continue reading

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Pointlessly Used Decimals

Guest review by C. Mark Nickel I just saw a car that had a badge on it that said 2.0T, which I assume means 2 liter Turbo. Ok, why is there a decimal with a zero? Why? Why doesn’t 2T … Continue reading

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Racist Paper

It seems like we should be beyond this…

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Salsa Breaks

Smoke breaks are out, salsa breaks are in.

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Bathroom Note

Walked into the bathroom at work today and this note was laying on the toilet lid.

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Acer Fail

This doesn’t build my confidence in your computers.

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