Hygiene Products “For Men”

Guest post by Mark Nickel

I don’t like hygiene products that are labeled “For Men”. First of all, normally these products are directly next to other products that are already established and well known for men. Also, it’s always lady brands that say “For Men” on them. Like Dove, Nivea, L’Oreal, etc. I’m not going to the think an “after shave balm” directly above the Gillette and just left of the Old Spice is a misplaced feminine product.

Another reason this label is stupid is, as a man, how often do these brands think I purchase their feminine products? How often do I venture into that aisle in Walgreens adjacent to the tampons? Rarely. Are they worried that their uninterested and hardly memorable commercials aimed toward women will mislead or confuse me? I’d bet if the “For Men” tag was left off most guys wouldn’t realize they mostly make products for women. Lets just pretend you’ve made products for men from the start and drop the “For Men” label. No one will ever notice, and my bathroom cabinet won’t make me look like such a sissy.

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One Response to Hygiene Products “For Men”

  1. sammydb says:

    oh geez, you buy dove…

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