Pointlessly Used Decimals

Guest review by C. Mark Nickel

I just saw a car that had a badge on it that said 2.0T, which I assume means 2 liter Turbo.

Ok, why is there a decimal with a zero? Why? Why doesn’t 2T mean the same thing? Are car manufacturers worried that the customer will think that it’s actually just a 1.92T rounded up for the aesthetic of 2? There’s no reason to ever put “.0” after anything, ever.

I’m guessing half of the people who saw it didn’t know the “T” meant turbo. So really, it’s possible YOU, the manufacturer, are throwing curve balls and people who don’t know anything about cars for no reason.

I also hate cars that don’t have names. I don’t want to drive an SL335x Type ZR (wtf?).

I want to drive something that has an identity, preferably named after an animal or something that sounds fast.

Also, no catchy adjectives or musical terms.

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2 Responses to Pointlessly Used Decimals

  1. Matt R says:

    Exactly! Every time I hop in my Ford Fusion I feel like I’m “the bomb” in a nuclear sort of way.

  2. sammydb says:

    Matt, are you sure you don’t just feel like a “wonderful blend of two musical genres?”

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