2009 Search Engine Terms

So last year I put some of the funny search engine terms people used to find Mr. Compain reviews.

I would like to know how disappointed they were with the results they got.
Here are some of my favorites from 2009:

creepy guy in the background
stop saying gay
people take facebook too seriously
most expensive sweater
instead of saying gay
urinal drain
“michelle rodriguez is terrible”
no more mr. locke. mr. locke, dead, yes?
is it bad that i don’t play an instrument
gay lame america
waking up with vomit in mouth
how to complain to starbucks
hetero gay tube
putting on bra
pretentious indie suckfest

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One Response to 2009 Search Engine Terms

  1. jack23 says:

    hetero gay tube…classic!

    gay lame america…haha.

    putting on bra? what?

    waking up with vomit in mouth. oh man, i can just imagine that person being genuinely worried about it, with vomit still in there cheeks and searching google. lips pursed and cheeks trembling and aching the whole way, deciding that a website called “mr. complain” would be a good resource for that problem.

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