White Vans without Windows

Pedophile much?

Is it possible for someone to drive a white van without windows and not molest children. I don’t think so.

Most of these vans are actually custom made with a candy holder in the console for easy temptation access.

Many of you are probably thinking that this is disturbing. You are correct, because I am correct.

Others may say, “I know someone who drives a white van without windows who isn’t a child molester.” I respond by asking two questions:
1. How do you know, for sure?
2. Will you say that when you see them driving slowly past the elementary school?


In conclusion, teach your kids to avoid these pedophilia-death traps. They’ll thank you later.

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5 Responses to White Vans without Windows

  1. sammydb says:

    In Clear Lake, there is a registered pedophile that drives a hearse with a skull in the back window around town. Freak much? He also put a baby doll on his front lawn and hung it up with a noose to welcome his neighbors (they go to church with us-they used to live next door to this crazy show) newborn to the world. Holy cripes.

  2. sammydb says:

    Oh also, what about the people that drive one of those for work related purposes but don’t drive it home? They are ok, right? But certainly not the ones that take the work van home with them. Definately not ok.

  3. Lindsey says:

    Gerry’s arguments for getting us to move to Clear Lake are all null and void after reading this…

  4. jack23 says:

    You live in York Lindsey…i don’t think it really matters.

  5. Luke says:

    Mitch Ebie used to own a windowless white van. Ew.

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