People who take Facebook statuses too seriously

On the popular social networking site, Facebook, people can let you know their “status”.

Unfortunately, too many people take this way to seriously. Period.

A lot of people try and come up with something clever on their status like, “John Doe is trying to come up with a clever Facebook status”. While played out, I can respect someone who puts effort into being clever.

I can also respect someone who puts little-to-no thought into their status as well. You know, the people who say, “John Doe is.”

Then there are those people who think that their status should be used to put their problems out their for the world to see and to fish for compliments and comments. Just stop. It’s annoying and awkward to see these statuses. What am I supposed to do, console your wall? If you are having real life problems, perhaps you should get off the computer and go talk to a real person. IM doesn’t count either. Honestly, a phone shouldn’t even count. You should meet a person, face-to-face and talk to them.

But, then again, that wouldn’t yield to those people who let you know daily that you’re life does have meaning and that they sent you some stupid Facebook application invite that you’re just going to ignore anyway.

So stop wearing your problems on your sleeve and on your Facebook status.

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12 Responses to People who take Facebook statuses too seriously

  1. jack23 says:

    I can also respect someone who puts little-to-no thought into their status as well. You know, the people who say, “John Doe is.”

    only you do that.

  2. Bobby DeHart says:

    I agree 110%. Plus people who have the deeply personal statuses assume that everyone who reads them actually cares. For teh most part…I don’t. I would rather have it be blank then read about a personal issue that is none of my business. Very awkward and annoying.

  3. Matt says:

    I’ll remember to take my status super seriously for now on because there is no room in life for fun. You can console my wall all you want.

  4. Matt R says:

    facebook 4 life bro!

  5. Lloyd says:

    Do you have gravitar enabled?

  6. Ummmjason says:

    What’s Facebook?

  7. Nickel says:

    usually i put “Nickel is on a computer”

  8. Matt R says:

    Matt is at work posting comments on a blog.

  9. Tausha says:

    Ummmm~ Eckert, I might be on the naughty list. 😦

  10. Jason says:

    I can’t afford therapy.

  11. Jim says:

    I have a mate who is going through ‘some stuff’ right now. Every other day its some cryptic shit like ‘need to get my head straight’ or ‘wish I could relax’ The other day I swear to goodness she actually put one of these 😦 as her update. What does that even mean? Then like a simpleton one of her friends came back with the normal empty sorry crap ‘Wish I woz there babes :)’ or something. Then she proceeded to carry out a blatant drug deal. The thing is this girl is an alcoholic and all her friends post is advice on how much wine she should drink to relax. Really though it is not the correct channel for deep and meaningful sentiment. I have 9 friends on facebook and to be fair I could drop 4 of them right now. I really needed to get that off my chest sir. You have saved me a blog.

  12. Jenn says:

    I think that it depends on the situation. If someone is having a moment and needs to vent but, it isn’t super serious then its ok to say $%#@ this I am having a bad day about such and such. People have emotions and are human and there is nothing to hide. We have all been there before. I guess that’s my point of view on this topic. I mean I don’t want to see someone depressed you know every single day but, once in a while I think its’ ok.

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